Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week day ride

Had Friday off so i took Otto for his first trip to Post Canyon in Hood River. We met up with Dave and his brand spankin new Iron Horse 7 point and headed to the top. Geared up and we we're off. Otto was getting worked by all the big rocks. His bike is a little specialized with 24" wheels and a mini fork. He had his full face helmet and pads so i figured he would be ok. Probably. After the rocky single track right before 2 chair we took another sweet,rocky single track down,down,down. I took a bad line and got sent over the bars landing between big rocks but not on them. Yay. After that it was flowing trail with ton's of turns. We were laughing. Otto did great and Dave was loving the new bike. We came out at the bottom of Egg hunt and dropped into 8-track and Dave got to test his bike a bit more with some cool roll downs. Otto was getting tired and had a few crashes. We fooled around at family man and Drop out a bit then headed to the bottom. Only one run but it was like 6:30 when we got to the bottom so we needed to head out. Gotta love driving home through the Columbia River Gorge.

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Sk8god43 said...

If you need a bike for Otto- lets talk......BRODIE!!