Sunday, June 22, 2008

Black Rock Shuttle Day

I ride down at Falls City a lot over the winter, you hike up and ride down. So when a shuttle day happens I'm there. 135 riders,3 trucks and as many runs as you can get in. I rode down with Daver and Jeff. Dave had been before but Jeff was a first timer. We hooked up with Frisco right away then Whiplash and Raul ( the local border jumper). We went to the top and hit Bonzi all the way down. They've added some great stuff at the top. Then on our 2nd run we hit the upper part of Granny's kitchen. Whiplash and Frisco hit the cheese grater. That is a cool move. Down to the E.T. ( Endless Tranny) jump. I hit it right after it was re-built and it was HUGE. Now as it's so dry it's a really fast run in. I hit it twice and was laughing all the way. We headed down to the Halo area. The drop to long ladder to drop is really fun. I think the next run we lost Frisco and Whiplash so we took Sickter nar all the way to behind Basic Training. The next run i forget and finally we hooked back up with Whiplash,Frisco and Flying J and BIG Craig. We took Middle Bonzi to the mighty E.T. jump. We sessioned that for a while. I did a couple Fonzie style. I guess i was getting tired. We rolled to the bottom and Jeff,Daver and i left. I think both Dave and Jeff had a great time. Dave had a couple of small crashes but nothing compared to his Helicopter crash. Flying J did a 1 handed no footer to keister slam. I thought Mtn Rider was the king of that move but Flying j's a close second.

The Video clip is Frisco on the cheese grater.


Robholio said...

Looks like it was a fun day. Fewer familiar faces mentioned than I thought, though...

Nigel said...


It's Nigel. This is a very cool blogspot. Your kids are great! Mike pointed me towards this. Hope all is well.

Bozeman, Montana

Hack said...

Nigel? Wow! It's good to hear from you. It's been a while. like 13 years or so.