Monday, October 15, 2007

Vid from Spring

I was always gonna post this litle vid from when i was in Moab and Fruita in the spring. It's nothing special but good memories for those who were there. HORSE THIEF BENCH!!!!!!!

Crazy day!

It's hard to have a better day then sat was. Rode at Black Rock with Jim, Whiplash, Debbie and Mike. Hit some of the fun drops. Sessioned Basic for a while until the kiddies started showing up. Rode Dino's re-route twice and it RIPPED. Jim and i had fun hitting the drop next to the Halo drop. It's probably 8 to 10 ' when you land. Next time I'm hitting the Halo. Whiplash hit the Cliff drop. Like 18" or more. He landed way out there. After that we hit Bridgeport ale house for dinner then went to the premiere of New World Disorder 8. It got a Little out of control and i ended up wrestling with Fat Larry on the stage and people were piling on us. My head got slammed a bit. Black eye and cuts on my head. No pic's sorry. Another typical Portland premiere. Chaos and destruction. ( and don't forget the chaos)