Sunday, October 22, 2006

Son # 3 get's his first Mountain Bike

I have been wanting to get Otto a mountain bike for awhile but since he is 8 there is not a lot choices. Specialized has a hardtail w/24's and an 11" frame , so i thought that might work. We found one and it fit real well. On sale too. Otto was really excited to ride ,so today was the day. I figured i should take him to some real trails so we went to Growlers gulch in SW Wa. He did great and was riding over log's, wet root's and only had one fall. Great day with more to come. So soon my Wife and i will have three of our kid's riding with us. Should be exciting.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Riding with Son #2 AKA-Shawn Casidy

Today i took my Son Louis(He's 10) on a really fun ride. He love's to ride but i don't take him nearly enough. He has an Iron Horse w/ 24" wheels. Almost tall enough for 26 but not quite. Some of the trails i have taken him on were pretty tame. If you went of the trail a bit you just were in the brush. No big. So i was a litle nervous as this trail has steep long falls if you went off the edge. It Starts off with about a mile down hill. He was yelling "this is great" "I'm not tired" and other funny things. He did great and i was proud. He rode through all the rock sections,on was even up hill. Just wait 'till he's on a 26". 13 mile and he was wasted but had a great time. He even (unknowingly) Said what just about every body i have ridden with say when there spent after a ride. "This is the BEST Cliff bar I've ever had"