Saturday, November 28, 2009


or should I say MUD cline?

Jamie and I wanted to do a post Thanksgiving day ride so we got a few interested. Aaron got Some Pedal Nation people and David invited some friends so it was a big group. First run we did the main DH run which was muddy and my goggles got so mucked up that it was kinda sketchy. All I could see were shapes. Not good, so I took them off for the rest of the day. When we got to Little Moab it was much better. This section drains well and we were loving the rocks. @nd run most of us hit Coyote canyon and that trail is awesome. I only rode it once before, but I'll be riding it a lot more I hope. Lot's of skinny single track and lots of rocks. It was quite the diverse group. DH bikes, old XC bikes 5" trail bikes and hard tails. Great ride.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Back on the bike!

So after I healed my sliced leg from the big East Mt Hood epic ride our family started getting sick. Sore throats, fevers, and finally the 2 week long cough. What a drag. So it was a great thing to get the bike out and head to Falls City with some of the guys to ride in the rain. I think I missed the fall riding. It was Flying J, Josh, Derek, Todd mac and Aaron Nation.( Aaron's 2nd time. We were soaked by the time we got to Basic training but at least it wasn't crowded. Goofed around there for a while and then headed up. Sunday stroll looked a little slippery so we kept walking. Derek hit the drop after the BIG step up after the cheese grater. First try..Case a de a. 2nd try perfect. E T was running slow but Josh made it work. Derek and Josh hit the cliff drop and then out of no where Todd the BIG mac hit's it. What? Josh and I almost fell down trying to get out of the way. Todd got rider of the day for sure. Down the trail, slipping and sliding and back home.'s gonna be a long winter.