Sunday, February 22, 2009

Solomon's first Mountain Bike Ride

He's been bugging me for awhile so today we did it. We went to Forrest park to minimize the anguish . Forrest park is the largest city park in the nation. All single track is off limits to mountain bikes but that will change soon. I hope. So we rode the fire roads and had a blast. We only rode a little over 6 miles but he had fun. It was supper muddy so that added to the challenge. Some of the challenge was dodging hikers and dog's. It was a good time and no one was injured. That's a switch. Next time were taking him to the single track. Blood will flow. Hopefully just from me.

Perfect dirt

That's what it was today in SW Washington. Perfect dirt. It's Feb, not exactly the time for that. Usually it's a mucky mess that fouls your drive train. SS are great in the winter (and all the time) but today there was no mess, no muck just perfect dirt. We had Daver, and the young punks Louis and Otto (mattic). We rode some of my favorites I have been riding for 6 years or so, then we headed up the big hill to ride some of the new stuff. The K.M.A is a fine trail that really represents the pacific N.W. Lot's of moss, moist dirt and tight singletrack through the trees. There are three sections to K.M.A and I have ridden all of them with Paul from Wa. but every time I try to link them together I get messed up. Today was no exception. Things were going great with no wrong turns and then we lost the trail on a dbl track. I think if it was Dave and I we would have looked longer but the kid's were really tired so we hiked back up to where we could get out and headed down the lower section where I was familiar. O well, next time.

 Every ride day has a few highlights. Today's were: seeing a truck load of freshly slaughtered pigs in the back of a pick up on the freeway and Daver doing a cool log ride 3 times in a row and Dave breaking his chain and fixing it in record time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Did a bit of filming down at falls city last weekend. Pretty fun. Jake fell, Jamie fell, Derek rode  and I didn't even take my bike. How's that for dedication?  A short clip?  ok

Sunday, February 08, 2009


A few weeks ago Jamie ,Raoul and I were on our way back from Post Canyon and it was SO windy we had to stop at Rooster Rock state park and experience it.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shortest ride this year( I hope)

I recently got a hold of Dale who I hadn't talked to or seen in a while.  So of course since rides I said "Let's Ride!" SO it was Louis,Otto, Dale and I . My mistake was going to check out Browns camp. Sure it's a bit early , but the weather has been nice and I'm not too smart. We say snow along the HWY and in the parking area but i still had hopes of riding. Lot's of sticks on the trail but the surface was really good. Then we came to the 1st of 3 big trees across the trail. Then came snow, small trees down and more snow and...well you get the idea. 1 mile in 1 hour, but I did get a good shot of Otto on a rare spot of un-cluttered trail. . I figured we should get out while we could and head home to watch MTB videos instead. I'm getting smarter. By the time I die I should be a genius. 

Monday, February 02, 2009

I ride the bike in Washington

Headed up to Growlers w/Louis and Otto ( son # 2 and 3) and met up with Paul for a ride. It was Paul, his wife Mel, Jack, Ryan and a couple of others. Rode some trails that were new to me (which is good.) Only 10 miles but on the single speed that makes it like.....12 miles. ?  Great ride  and no flats...

Well except for the van on the way home.   We have great roadside 
assistance . So we stayed warm in the van and watched a few videos on the I pod,  while the guy changed the tire..  A good time for sure.