Sunday, August 27, 2006

Single Speeding Siouxon creek

Well my Wife and I were. Dave was sporting the multi-geared, full suspension Titus Switchblade. What a great ride. This one has been on my list for a while and Dave was willing to show off this gem to my Wife Marla and I. Getting there was a great drive and it's only about 37 miles from where we currently reside in Woodland ,WA. When we were unloading the bikes and stuff my Wife and I realized we forgot our gloves. I HATE riding w/o gloves. O well...better than no helmet. We dropped into the trail and were descending at about 20 mph right off the bat. Awesome. Moss everywhere,huge trees and green, green, green. It was really rolling so I did well on the Bianchi making it up all the hills and all the tech sections. It seemed like a pro trail grooming team had gone through ahead of us. Perfect conditions. Quite a few creek crossings and little waterfalls, great campsites and photo op's. We got to see where Dave broke his shoulder last year (or so) on a solo ride and had to walk and push out. He rode the tech section today and had his revenge. That was good to see. We only rode about 10 miles but since it was an after work evening ride that was ok. More rides like this please....

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tamarack and Back

... I drive all day for work ( with a decent commute) so I figure I might as well drive to Idaho for a day of Downhilling at Tamarack resort with Craig from Boise. I ride in Hood River quite often so I'm used to driving up the Gorge but it was a real treat to keep going . I arrived later than planned as I decided to take a nap instead of driving off the road. We watched a bit of Drop In to set the mood for the next day and then hit the sack. We were up early and drinking coffee,bikes loaded,camelbak's filled and ready for a day of non-carnage. Awesome drive up the 55 by a beautiful river , past a lake or two and through some cool little towns. When we got there we found out there was an XC race getting ready to start and most of the trails we would be riding were closed until 1:00. O well...We got ready and went up and rode what was available and cheered the racers

from the lift and the ground. I always think that they think I'm mocking by yelling "good job" or" Keep it up" as I'm sitting there on my DH bike but I'm not. I like all MTB racing and the culture that goes with it. Looked like a fun course. We did trails like "Super G" which was a flowy trail with some jumps. "Rock star" Which was a fun rocky tech trail with some steep roll downs that Rollomatic would have liked. ESR was a really tech,rocky alternative to the exposed, steep loose rocks of "Stage Fright". I made my attempt but gained a bit of speed and lost it. Didn't crash but stopped. I was bummed and thought I would try it again later but was way too tired. We did like 9 or 10 run's. All in all it was a great day .Craig is a good rider and didn't quit until we were wiped out. (which I realized halfway down my last run). We sped all the way back to Boise to watch Spinal Tap..I mean so his Wife could go to a shower or something. Up early the next day for the drive back and a nap. Tamarack..I'll be back......