Saturday, June 23, 2007

Night Ride

Riding singletrack is one of the greatest mountainbiking experiences. Riding singletrack at night is even better! Tonight Bernie and i left the shop after closing and headed to some of my favorite trails. The Scappoose trails. Twisty, turny, roots and a rock or two is what these trails are all about. For the first two miles it felt like we we're being chased , because we we're charging ahead so hard. I kept hoping Bernie would say " I need to take a break" but he wasn't having any. Awesome ride. with more to come I'm sure.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Falls Creek

Rode the Falls Creek trail today in Wa, with Terry and Debbie. The weather was looking questionable like it always does, but it didn't rain. We did it as a shuttle 'cause we're lame and we like flowing a trail instead of climbing it in the big ring with the testosterone guys.. (not that i had a big ring available) Anyway...we climbed for about 4 miles or so and then it started getting really fun. Twisting,turning mega roots and some cool rock sections. Saw several cool waterfalls and a crazy hole in the ground. You should definitely do this trail if your in the N.W. but don't shuttle it ,because that's the wuss (My bike?) way to do it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tillamook State Forest

Today Marla and i rode at Browns camp/University falls/Gravvelle brothers trail. It's in the Tillamook state forest which is in the Oregon coast range. Not to far from town so it's a hot spot on weekends and after work rides. Back and forth from flowing singletrack to tech , wet root sections. I was on the SS again and Marla is trying to get used to her Haro full suspension. Going from her favorite ride, a rigid SS to the Haro is strange. She did really well today even though she kinda bonked towards the end. I've got a lot of memories of riding this trail. Winter night rides in the snow, spring mosquito infested rides and fall rides, wondering if we're going to be shot by some drunk hunter. Today was no exception. Memorable.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Craig P comes to Oregon

Well...............he was going to. We ( Jim,Noah, Jimmy and I) went to Falls city and had a awesome time anyway. Jim hit the ET triple booter for the first time. I love it when people push themselves. And don't die. I hit the normal stuff i always hit, but i was riding smooth. Noah (Jim's son) hit some stuff that was new so that was cool. Jim's buddy, Jimmy on the 29'er seemed to have good time Hope to ride again with him soon. I really wanted to hit the road gap but backed down. MAN! I hate it when I'm a wuss. great day and no rain.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A good ride

Had a good ride the other day before work with Mr. Tom Barnes a friend from our old church. We just rode at Forrest park. Nothing big, but it was fun just spinning away. Or at least trying too since i was riding the SS and i spin out on the downhills. No pic's as i thought it was gonna rain. Next time I'll get Tom on some singletrack.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Riding with the kid's...again

I think we're in trouble. The kid's are really enjoying riding the trails. This was Havilah's ( Jim's girl) 2nd ride and she was doing even better. She went OTB once and so did her Dad. Otto (our 9 y/o) was riding really fast. Wanting to race everybody i guess. I was chasing him down one trail and his rear tire was sliding out and he had his foot down dragging. It was great. Wish i was wearing the helmet cam. Good time and no blood.