Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Another Day


Down to Falls City for more wet riding. The Red Raja picked me up early and we headed to the closest coffee drive through. We pulled in right behind Whiplash and Josh (who needs a nick name) Raja said “Let’s pretend we’re stealing the bikes” Sounds good. We got low and he started shaking the bikes, I slapped the side of the car and Josh came out ready to fight to the death to defend his new Norco A line. Funny stuff. Got down there really fast ‘cause the Trailhead Cycles van has one speed. Full speed. Played at Basic training for a while. Same ol thing. Josh was looking good on the A line. No one else was showing so we headed up. Stopped by Brake Check and Raja stepped it up and hit one of the jumps by the road for the first time. SMOOTH! We hit Dino’s re-route of upper Bonzi which is always a blast. Whiplash hit the Cliff drop. Again. He landed way down. At least 18 feet I think. Either way it’s big. Did another section of Bonzi then got on Granny’s Kitchen. The E.T. was closed for re-construction so we headed to the Halo/Halette drop. Raja and Josh were first timers on the Halette drop so that was good to see. Whiplash hit the halo really big. Biggest he’s done it I’d say. He compressed so hard and then for a second I thought he was going down , but he caught traction again and was good. Short ride for the raja and I but hey…it’s cold and wet.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Last ride of 2007

Flying J, Mtn Rider, Dirka and I headed to the hills for one last ride of this year. It was wet, cold and snowing. Hiked to the top and rode a new-ish trail that was really fun. Turns, rollers. Berm city. I heard they’re going to keep it going all the way down and do some races on it. That would be sweet having some grass roots racing around. We rode that to Dino’s re -route to bonzi to old Sickter gnar down to Basic. I was cruising down sickter think maybe I would skip the drop to gap since I was riding on snow. I stopped to look at the ladder and saw that a tree had fallen and chopped it in half. Ouch! I couldn’t tell when I was riding up , so that would have been crazy to ride up on it to find out it was broken. Look before you leap.
Mtn Rider guinea pigged another stunt on the evolving Sunday Stroll trail. Snow on the ground,snow on the ladder, snow on the landing. He had to start on the road and pedal into the first jump( gap) and then onto the ladder to the drop. The gap after the ladder was not huge but riding on the snow covered ladder made it slow I think. He nailed both landings right on the edge and said he was sketchy on the bridge. Looked good to me. It was a short day since we we’re freezing, wet and freezing. Highlight of the day was Freezing J. He was changing out of his wet clothes (all of them) when I noticed a woman in the vehicle right beside him. Oops. Guess we’ll be calling him Naked J for awhile. ( no pic’s of that)