Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bad weather

It's been raining and raining the whole weekend weekend but I did manage to get 2 rides in at Black rock last week so I guess all is not lost. Otto even went once and did really well. He rode on a few ladder bridges and worked on his jumping a bit. Had a good group. Tony, Craig, Raul, Jamie, Otto and myself. Raul was stepping it up by hitting some of the new features. Tony and I hit a cool drop the we hadn't done before so that was fun. Jamie and I went back on Mon after work for more and to film a few clips. The sky opened up right when we were leaving. Good time but I just wish this weather would lighten up. I'm ready for some dry trails.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moab/Fruita/Grand junction Day 7

Headed for home. 17 hours on the road and we got back about 3 am with no problems. Thanks to the guys who gave up a week of work to go ride and thanks to Rollo and Wife for meeting up w/ us. Can't wait to do it again.

Moab/Fruita/Grand junction Day 6

For our 6th day of riding we met up with Rollo at the Rd 18 trails and hit up Zippetty do da and the kessel run. That was great to ride those trails again. Everyone seemed to have a fun time especially the Kessel run. Over and over. Then it was off to the Hot Tomato Cafe, which is an awesome place to eat and hang out. Mountain bikers making food for Mountain bikers. One of the owners is Anne Keller, Famous photographer. Can’t wait to go back there. In the afternoon We 9 minus Jamie and Donny) met up with Mr and Mrs Rollo at the Kokapelli trail head to ride Mary’s loop and Horse Thief bench. The wind was crazy. Probably 4o mph gusts as we rode to the rim and once on the trail it didn’t let up. Made for some interesting riding. Rollo showed us where a guy had fallen the week before and broke his leg or something. Fell like 20 off a cliff onto rock. There was 3 flats on Horse thief but other than that and the wind and me being exhausted it was a great way to end our riding adventure. Good bye to Rollo and back to the camp for fire and goofing off then get ready to go in the morning.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Moab/Fruita/Grand junction Day 5

After the Rabbit Valley beatdown we had another windy night and then met up with Rollo again in Grand Junction at the Lunch loops trailhead. We were late of course but that’s the way dirt bags are. So we shuttled up to Ribbon and it was on. Ribbon to Tabahoo ha, to Eagles wing to Free lunch to Holy Cross to some steep, straight down trail. It was an awesome day with only Todd Crashing and bruising is ribs. O and I got a flat. Again. The Ribbon is a huge slab of sandstone that must be a couple of miles long with cliff’s on both sides. Cool. Free lunch is the new ish freeride trail with some drops and jumps and Holy Cross is a tech riders dream. Lot’s of rock up and overs and plenty of places for pic’s. Not that I took any. I was too busy riding. Another great day though we were getting tired by this point. that’s why they make red bull I guess.

Moab/Fruita/Grand junction Day 4

After the P. Rim ride we arrived back at camp to find a older guy and his dog at the site next to ours. This could go either way I was thinking. Turns out George was from Canada and an awesome guy. Big time canoeist and pro photographer.

He was waiting for his wife to return from a multi day canoe trip. He was having some back or knee problems. I forget which. We talked with him quite a bit and then the morning of day 4, packed up ( poorly) and headed for Colorado. We saw a crazy accident on the 191. Looked like someone lost a bunch of stuff from a trailer or something. Once in Colorado we met up with the Mighty Rollo and his Wife Debroah. Good to see him again. We rode the Western Rim trail in Rabbit Valley which is a cool 20 mile ride. Jamie had a bad Alpo sandwich from Subway and was feeling poorly for half of the ride , but eating at a subway in Moab will do that to you. The Western Rim has a moxture of Rocky/Sandy dbl track and edge of the canyon single track. It finishes with and old stage coach road above the singletrack and finally to the kokopelli pack to the parking area. I was smoked after that so we headed to Fruita for camp and Mexican food.

We found both.

Moab/Fruita/Grand Junction Day 3

For day 3 we decided to hit up Porcupine rim again and we were able to go up a bit higher to U.P.S so that was cool. Perfect weather. We took a few more photos and video to remember the views and fun. UPS has some freeform slickrock areas that are cool. Roll straight don or go around. Always with the massive view within reach. It was an uneventful ride, no flats or big crashes but awesome to hit such a great trail 2 days in a row. Life is hard.