Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moab/Fruita/Grand junction Day 6

For our 6th day of riding we met up with Rollo at the Rd 18 trails and hit up Zippetty do da and the kessel run. That was great to ride those trails again. Everyone seemed to have a fun time especially the Kessel run. Over and over. Then it was off to the Hot Tomato Cafe, which is an awesome place to eat and hang out. Mountain bikers making food for Mountain bikers. One of the owners is Anne Keller, Famous photographer. Can’t wait to go back there. In the afternoon We 9 minus Jamie and Donny) met up with Mr and Mrs Rollo at the Kokapelli trail head to ride Mary’s loop and Horse Thief bench. The wind was crazy. Probably 4o mph gusts as we rode to the rim and once on the trail it didn’t let up. Made for some interesting riding. Rollo showed us where a guy had fallen the week before and broke his leg or something. Fell like 20 off a cliff onto rock. There was 3 flats on Horse thief but other than that and the wind and me being exhausted it was a great way to end our riding adventure. Good bye to Rollo and back to the camp for fire and goofing off then get ready to go in the morning.

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