Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is a trail area in the columbia river gorge ,on the Washington side. A lot of xc people ride up then down but we shuttled some of the trails three times.2000 ft of elevation loss is good. Darren led us on our mad charge down he first trail. Dbl track for a while then it broke out into the green grass and single track that skirted the edge of a cliff. Two spring's ago a rider crashed and fell 400 ft to his death in this area. I was carefull. Then we got to the tech singletrack w/ embeded rocks every where. Was great and i was riding well. Some drop's at the end of the trail made the first run memorable. We had 8 riders but when we we're loading up for run #2 four more showed up. Big groups are fun. Darren led the charge again, this time through a gully trail that had so many rocks it was crazy. I started to feel the weight of my DH bike after i climbed the first (of many) hills. Super challenging trail and i smaked my pedals quite a few times. The last run was the same as the first. The section i liked the most is called "little Moab". Ton's of rock steps' and steep rocky switch backs. I was too tired to be going fast on these kind of rocks. I made a bad line choice and got ejected right over the bars. Hit my head,elbow and hip on rocks. O well. That's how it is sometimes. Great day though.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Wife's new Bike!!!

I've not been riding much since it's raining so much, but my Wife got a new bike for our trip. It's a Bianchi Milano. Beauty eh? She'll use it for going to the store and /or cruising around while we're on the road. What trip you ask?Our family is preparing to embark on an EPIC road trip to the best MTB trails and more. So far the plan is to cruise down the coast and cut over in the Bay area to visit some Family in Sacramento. While there I'll be riding with a couple of guys on they're local trails. Then we head south and will stay a couple of days in Simi Valley to ride with some friends there. After that it's on to San Diego to ride Noble Canyon. Then weaving through AZ,NV, UT and showing up in Moab mid April. After that ..........Stay tuned.