Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First ride of the new year

Well the first on dirt. I've been riding to the store with my Wife and that may be another blog in the future. Anyway, We had Jeremy,Aaron Nation Phillip and Dale the rookie (AKA: the Natural) and we headed to Washington to ride some great single track. Most mountain bikers in January are riding the couch or going to spin class(Todd Mac) or doing some of those other sports. Whatever those are. The most exciting moment of the day was on 1-5 . We were doing 70 and all of a sudden we were coming up on this car pretty quick, so Dale started to go around him to the left and he started swerving left and right! Maybe he was texting? So we got around him and I was looking back at the idiot while Philip was passing him then he went right off the road and into the cables in the medium. Crazy. I got to call 911 and all that goes with that. You never know what gonna happen in Warshington. So we got to the trails and Philip started cursing my name. He brought his Single speed. I guess he thought we were riding on a bike path. The trails are great on a SS with the right gearing . Not sure if he meant his gearing was good by the sign language he was giving me but I think he may have needed one more tooth. Three out of the 5 riders had not ridden these trails so I knew we were in for some excitement. Right of the bat I doing a log ride for the 2nd time so Dale could video and my tire slipped and I went to the ground hard. Too funny. A little later Dale went OTB then Jeremy tried to break himself in half with trees 2 different times. Philip fell but I missed it and He road a great line on a big log but we didn't video it. oops. Great day with a lot of excitement and already planning the next ride.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


2009 was a great year for riding. I only rode 2 new trails and re-rode almost everything I have ridden. Met a lot of new friends ( Eric,Reagan, Aaron, Andrea, Callin, Tammy, Mangus, Jarret, Phillip , Probably more if I really think about it) and had awesome mid week rides with the Pedal Nation Group. Helped 3 people out of the woods with serious injuries, Rode at Downiville and North Star , Bend and had a great camp out at Waldo lake. I could go on and on but I'm thirsty.
2010 is looking to be a great year and I'm gonna ride new trails and even hit up a few races.

Can't wait!