Sunday, August 23, 2009

Falls Creek, Wa

Riding the Falls Creek trail in Washington is one of those rides where I laugh and cry. Cry when I’m almost at the top of the climbs and laugh on the downhills, where I clip pedals on rocks and brush my shoulder against trees with out getting knocked off the bike. I’ve ridden the trail before but I guess I had forgotten how great it is. This is why I love mountain biking. Climbs that have an end and descents that seem not too. This was a Pedal Nation ride Aaron and Callin set up. I think Callin has ridden this the last 3 weekends. Addict. So we had myself, Jeremy, Louis (my son) Aaron, Andrea, Callin, Cami, Eric, Reagan, Tammy, and?? that’s it I think. We started at Old man pass, which is a xc ski area I think. Within the first mile Aaron get’s stung by a yellow jacket and Cami ride’s over bear uhh droppings. All over her legs and down tube. Once the climbing began it all is a little fuzzy. Seems like Jeremy and Louis and probably Eric and Aaron made the climbs and I stopped for coffee. Once we got to where it was going the right direction I was laughing. I chased Jeremy for a bit and he chased me. I clipped a pedal on a rock and managed to not crash and Jeremy and I both grazed our shoulders on a tree and escaped without a scratch. Reagan had a fall and so did Tammy and Louis. And Andrea. Great ride, with great people as usual. Some of us hit Walking man afterward so that was a plus. Bring on the weekend!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This was my 4th time riding the McKenzie River Trail. Bike Magazine says It's the #1 trail in America. They may be right. It has everything. Flowing single track, Rooty sections, Rocky lava sections, climb's and descents,, and distance. That's what makes a good trail. Right? So Eric from across the grass wanted to ride this and set up a camping trip for some of his friends and family and I was able to force my way in for the ride. I brought Son #2 and Jeremy. The ride started off with dusty single track with a few climb overs. Tree's ya know. Jamie and Graem were ripping so I figured that would be the last I would see of them for the day but they were always waiting at the end of a good descent. Eric did a fancy trick straight to his shoulder but only Louis saw it. It sounded quite exciting. Eric's broother's shifter fell apart and that was the one mech issue of the day. Apart from my creaking bottom bracket.

The ride was a blast and it was a good group. I can't wait to get back down there and ride that trail again.

Pedal Nation mid week ride #????????

The mid-week is a great way to make it through the week.
This time we hit up the storyburn to gales creek a couple of times. We had Aaron,Donny,Tammy,Louis,Jeff,Jeremy some new people that I don't remember their names. O..and me. Louis crashed 5 times and Jeff once I think. Fast into hard corners can be exciting. It was another great ride and every one had fun and a lot of bug bites. Louis had 26 on one arm. Yikes!