Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great ride at Growlers

First ride with Mike since he moved back home from Maine. Trails were good n wet but good none the less. Dale rode with a hurt shoulder and was being Dale, Jim had a good crash and Chris had like 8 good crashes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer is over

Time for Fall and Winter riding. That means different tires, different ( or more) clothes and mud. can't wait! but here's a few pictures to remember the summer by.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I've been thinking that this year's riding for me was not as good as 2009. Then I look back at the rides and think " It's been pretty good". It started off with the annual 4th of July Glade run. It was the 8th year and every time it's crazier . Terry and I started this ride in 03 and it seems to generate quite a bit of interest each year. Met some new folks and had some of the same ones too. There was a lot more snow this year. As in the
first mile was snow. We got a lot more wierd looks from the skiers as we pushed our bikes past the lodge and through the snow to the start of the trail. The riders were rolling their eyes when everyone realized what we were going to do. Oh well... Mountain Biking is exciting, thats for sure. After that weekend it was a blur of Downhilling, Surveyors Ridge, Black Rock shuttle day, Riding to the Farmers Market and more Downhilling. Met a lot of new people at the rides and thats always cool. But unfortunately my bikes are dying slowly. The enduro is definitely giving up the ghost so this will be a memorable season. The Enduro's last ride is coming soon. photos from the shuttle day from Jason van Horn. More here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Captain Idaho visits Oregon/Washington

Craig has been talking about coming out here to ride some trails with tree's for a few years now. Well. he finally stopped talking and started driving. I met up with him on thursday night in Hood River and we hung out at family man hitting some of the drops and stunts waiting until Flying J showed up so we could get ready for our night ride. Straight to the top on the muddy road. Night time downhilling is real fun. Especially for Craig. New trail at night. No crashes so we got back to camp, burned some books and goofed around until around 1:30 am. Up at 6:30 to do it again and Craig say's " Wow this is kinda scary" about the trail once it was light. Not scary at night I guess. After that we headed over to Syncline on the Washington side for a quick run. Getting hot and dry over there. Back to our place for MTB movies and burritos then up early to head to Falls City and the Black Rock trails. Dirt was perfect and we must have had 17 people riding with us. Craig was stepping it up and hitting some cool drops. Otto had a hard crash and sprained his ankle( but is ok now as I write this) . We hit most of the fun trails and then all the air went out of the day when some girl had a bad crash at Basic training. Landed on her head went out on a back board. not good. Most of our group left when they saw that. Craig and I and a few others did one more run so we could leave with a better memory. Back to my place for homemade pizza and mtb movies. Up early-ish to ride Brad's trail. One run then Craig's Amber alert van got a flat tire. Day over. After getting back to town and getting no good deals on fixing a tire within the day he risked it and headed east. Great weekend with minimal crashes. Makes for a long work week.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Great day in Bend w/ Otto and Bamma Don

Otto and I went over on Fri after work and camped. Great spot by the river. Then met up with Bamma Don at the phills trail area and put in 25 miles. Maybe more my computer was off for a bit. Trails were perfect and so was the weather. We hit WHoops, Phil's, Storm king, COD and a couple others I think. Can't wait to go back and get away from the stupid rain we have here on the west side.