Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sick while riding

I had planned a good XC ride for a week and rode quite a bit after work in anticipation of. Even rode to work one day. Then on Friday i started to get a sore throat. Typical.  I try to never cancel a ride so this was no exception. I woke up Sat morning really congested with an even more sore throat and got ready to go. Today it was Louis, Jeff from next door,Dale, Jim and 2 of his kid's. Dave was going to go and ride his new frame but ended up being sick also and had some stuff to do in the afternoon. We met Dale on the 
way and hooked up with the Swanson's at the trail head. Super foggy and colder than I had expected. We rode the
 usual trails old and new. I was worked from the start. Hack-ing and trying to stay on the trail. It was kinda greasy but really fun. Jeff rode some cool log's and had a good time i think. Didn't even crash. In fact no one did .  
I think the best thing to do when your sick is drink even more coffee than normal and go mountain biking.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Trail work

About a month ago We went to Browns camp to ride and it was a complete disaster. We only went a mile or so and there were 6 tree's down. Lame excuse for a ride. So Today I decided to clear some trail. I took 3 of my boy's. Henry,Louis and Solomon. We had a dull hatchet and a crappy 8" pruning saw. We managed to cut through 6 trees but there were more. We pretty much cleared 1 mile of the 8.5 mile trail before our saw broke and the kid's got blisters. 
I'll be back.