Monday, June 29, 2009

Downieville / North Star

When Fat Larry and Fancy April asked me if I wanted to do a trip to D-vile and North Star the answer was quick and expected.  I had to answer twice which made me wonder if they wanted me to go. It was on. It was Fat, Fancy,  Bif , and Flying J. o and me. then Flying J ruptured hisgoocher so he was out and Dirka was in. We left on a Wednesday and it was bad to be in California again. Too hot.  So we did a hard drive to cali and stopped for some good grocery store food. Yummy! sitting on the asphalt and eating salad is fun. So we arrived in Downieville ( after buying a map) with out too much trouble and got moved in. We were right on the river and within heckling distance of  yuba expeditions.  Thursday came quick and we were ready for the shuttle to the top. Yuba is lame by the way.  So we went to the top and man..what a great view.  Fat 'n' Fancy's  cali  friends followed us up and soon it was DOWN. Mostly. Tony seemed to have something wrong with his bike. I got a flat, Dirk got 2, and a bad rental, and I forgot my pump. Pedal,Pedal,Pedal. Fun ride. Fat's late friends. One gets broke. Late for every ride.  Hanging at the bridge near where Juanita was Hung.  Once again my LOUD mouth attracts trouble. Almost throw down with locals. Tony gets cool points for emptying his pockets. April runs. (for Larry)  Long night. Next day is the same except we didn't get 3 flats and a jammed chain and attitude from yuba(is lame) So I ate the banana instead.  That drama or near fights. or wrestling. Up early ( I think) and headed for North *. Directions from odd people make for long drives. Safeway's in Cali are quite frightening. but we made it out alive. Found our condo..and then found it again. Tony got the onions but not the soap.( laundry) Watched Drop In season 2. Up later each day but still ready to ride. Waiting in line for the lift pass. Hmmmm. Shawn Palmer? yes. Haggered but riding the EVIL.( of course) Up the MTN and sketchy all the way down. This aint Oregon.  Where were the Californians? I mean the ones we knew. Too bad.  Dog Bone! AFTER THAT I HAVE NO FRIENDS. Dirk on the Gran Mal=speed=crash. German precision. Shopping! I got a sticker. April bought me wings. Why? Dirk was dirty and still drinking cranberry juice. Mexican? not Jamie. FOOD! No Burritos?jondis girls aren't Mexicans. Long talks about message boards?  No more nut's. Down the stairs , and load the car/thing. Bear tracks? Bernie?  Where is he anyway?  headed for home. Trading blue clouds for grey. I'll take it. 

Repeat? Ha........of course.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Long Weekend

Sat was the 12 annual "Tour de Gulch" and it was great fun. Jeep knows how to put on a fun event. Around 60 riders that were divided into smaller groups to tour a lot of the trails. I got my first flat at growlers in ...well,  forever. That's ok, but i didn't have my pump. ( because i never get flats) so I borrowed the smallest pump I could find and just about got a cramp in my shoulder pumping up the tire. I may have been better off with my mouth. Food,Beverages and raffle followed the ride. I only took 1 pic and it was of my bike USD after I changed the tube. Great ride. Sun was a Pedal Nation group ride down at Falls City AKA: Black Rock. It was Aaron, Adnrea,Joe,Ryan, Raul,  Jeremy,Mmmatt, and a few others.  I dont remember their names.We helped a bit with moving some skinnys for a re-route of lower bonzi and after that we got to shuttle for 3 runs. I could use the same desriptions I always use (great,fun,gnarly,really great,really fun, etc...) but I'll go with MEGA fun. The dirt was perfect after some needed rain and we were flying down the trail.  We rode Bonzi,Sictor and part of Grannys kitchen. Really good group and awesome day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mid-week ride

10 people, 13 ish miles and one great ride.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Down the hill, and drive up the hill

We shuttled some cool DH trails this weekend and I still have a head ache. It turns out that my bike is quite heavy, especially when it lands on my head. Anyway...the Chalupa picked me up and we met Big Mac in Long pew where we waited for the young guys who sleep in. We met up with Maximum Radness and Cole and the Blue kid. Made it to the trails and up the mountain and within 3 min I was OTB and on my face with bike on top of me. Good trails eh? Next I come around a corner and just past a stump drop I see the Chalupa and T-mac crawling out of the bushes dragging their bikes. Good trails eh? Too much fun and no pictures. That always happens when the trails are so good.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Stinky has been de-commissioned

I got my Kona Stinky DLX in Sept of 2003. It was my first DH/freeride type of bike and I had no idea what I was getting into. I just knew I wanted to have a big bike and ride scary trails. Mission accomplished . I rode it in Moab,Whistler, Post canyon,Black Rock, North Star and countless other down hill trails. The dents and scratches tell the tale. It was a great bike and it was just taking up too much room in the garage. plus extra parts are a good thing. Stinky D... R.I.P.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

First Blood

Today I drew first blood. I chose knee pads over shin pads and paid the price. Not too bad though. Good day on the trails. Good to see Darren again, Been awhile. Bugs were out so we had to keep moving. Hit the race trail and bonzi a few times. It was fast today.