Monday, June 22, 2009

Long Weekend

Sat was the 12 annual "Tour de Gulch" and it was great fun. Jeep knows how to put on a fun event. Around 60 riders that were divided into smaller groups to tour a lot of the trails. I got my first flat at growlers in ...well,  forever. That's ok, but i didn't have my pump. ( because i never get flats) so I borrowed the smallest pump I could find and just about got a cramp in my shoulder pumping up the tire. I may have been better off with my mouth. Food,Beverages and raffle followed the ride. I only took 1 pic and it was of my bike USD after I changed the tube. Great ride. Sun was a Pedal Nation group ride down at Falls City AKA: Black Rock. It was Aaron, Adnrea,Joe,Ryan, Raul,  Jeremy,Mmmatt, and a few others.  I dont remember their names.We helped a bit with moving some skinnys for a re-route of lower bonzi and after that we got to shuttle for 3 runs. I could use the same desriptions I always use (great,fun,gnarly,really great,really fun, etc...) but I'll go with MEGA fun. The dirt was perfect after some needed rain and we were flying down the trail.  We rode Bonzi,Sictor and part of Grannys kitchen. Really good group and awesome day.

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