Saturday, March 25, 2006

I ripped off my derailleur hanger and I'm not to happy about it

I had a fun ride today on my local Scappoose trails w/ Jeremy ( who I used to work with) and his cousin Matt. It was really muddy but we were really doing well with the climbs and stuff. After about 5 miles we were fooling around on this ladder bridge by trying to ride it up hill instead of the normal way( down) and I started to pedal and it felt weird. I looked down and saw my derailleur laying on the ground. Great! That would be bad enough but it bent so far back before it broke , part of the drop out bent and started to break. Ya! Specialized. SO I'm leaving in about 6 weeks for Moab/Fruita and my bike is jacked up.arrrrgh! Shoulda had a Single speed I guess.