Sunday, August 23, 2009

Falls Creek, Wa

Riding the Falls Creek trail in Washington is one of those rides where I laugh and cry. Cry when I’m almost at the top of the climbs and laugh on the downhills, where I clip pedals on rocks and brush my shoulder against trees with out getting knocked off the bike. I’ve ridden the trail before but I guess I had forgotten how great it is. This is why I love mountain biking. Climbs that have an end and descents that seem not too. This was a Pedal Nation ride Aaron and Callin set up. I think Callin has ridden this the last 3 weekends. Addict. So we had myself, Jeremy, Louis (my son) Aaron, Andrea, Callin, Cami, Eric, Reagan, Tammy, and?? that’s it I think. We started at Old man pass, which is a xc ski area I think. Within the first mile Aaron get’s stung by a yellow jacket and Cami ride’s over bear uhh droppings. All over her legs and down tube. Once the climbing began it all is a little fuzzy. Seems like Jeremy and Louis and probably Eric and Aaron made the climbs and I stopped for coffee. Once we got to where it was going the right direction I was laughing. I chased Jeremy for a bit and he chased me. I clipped a pedal on a rock and managed to not crash and Jeremy and I both grazed our shoulders on a tree and escaped without a scratch. Reagan had a fall and so did Tammy and Louis. And Andrea. Great ride, with great people as usual. Some of us hit Walking man afterward so that was a plus. Bring on the weekend!

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