Saturday, May 08, 2010

Moab/Fruita/Grand Junction Day 2

So..... we got up early after a COLD night, headed to the Red rock bakery for coffee and whatever and loaded up for Amassa Back. Sky looked like rain or lightning so we were hoping for the best. The pedal up was ok and we got a little wet from sweat and rain. Ran into a guy that said it was snowing a bit up top. cool. Todd hit a cool drop on the way up and we enjoyed the BIG views to the left. At the top we got a lot of pic's and after Donny finished dangling his feet over the edge we headed down. Man it was fast. I went OTB in a tech rock garden and slammed my wrist. good thing I'm so strong.( ya right. I mean lucky) then about a half mile from the end I flatted.2 nd of the trip ( including my van) o well. nice day for a walk. so we loaded up and headed to meet our 1 pm shuttle for P. Rim Kristy from Coyote shuttle is super cool and even remembered my van and I from the last time we were there. We didn't hit U.P.S today but started at L.P.s which was fine. Trail was great. Views were crazy and no one got hurt, but I did get another flat. So much for trying to pass in the ROUGH. Once at the bottom Dale and Aaron rode for my van and then we headed back to camp for more jumping. nah..just dinner and extra sleep. Tomorrow Porc rim again!!

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