Sunday, May 09, 2010

Moab/Fruita/Grand junction Day 5

After the Rabbit Valley beatdown we had another windy night and then met up with Rollo again in Grand Junction at the Lunch loops trailhead. We were late of course but that’s the way dirt bags are. So we shuttled up to Ribbon and it was on. Ribbon to Tabahoo ha, to Eagles wing to Free lunch to Holy Cross to some steep, straight down trail. It was an awesome day with only Todd Crashing and bruising is ribs. O and I got a flat. Again. The Ribbon is a huge slab of sandstone that must be a couple of miles long with cliff’s on both sides. Cool. Free lunch is the new ish freeride trail with some drops and jumps and Holy Cross is a tech riders dream. Lot’s of rock up and overs and plenty of places for pic’s. Not that I took any. I was too busy riding. Another great day though we were getting tired by this point. that’s why they make red bull I guess.

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sms_hopkins said...

Todd banged up bad or just good enough?