Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Craig P comes to Oregon

Well...............he was going to. We ( Jim,Noah, Jimmy and I) went to Falls city and had a awesome time anyway. Jim hit the ET triple booter for the first time. I love it when people push themselves. And don't die. I hit the normal stuff i always hit, but i was riding smooth. Noah (Jim's son) hit some stuff that was new so that was cool. Jim's buddy, Jimmy on the 29'er seemed to have good time Hope to ride again with him soon. I really wanted to hit the road gap but backed down. MAN! I hate it when I'm a wuss. great day and no rain.

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bombing4x said...

OK ok, that was a funny title. I'll get there this summer man, and then we can call it the "Craig P Still Hasn't Come To Oregon" ride. Nice job for the other dudes too.