Sunday, February 22, 2009

Perfect dirt

That's what it was today in SW Washington. Perfect dirt. It's Feb, not exactly the time for that. Usually it's a mucky mess that fouls your drive train. SS are great in the winter (and all the time) but today there was no mess, no muck just perfect dirt. We had Daver, and the young punks Louis and Otto (mattic). We rode some of my favorites I have been riding for 6 years or so, then we headed up the big hill to ride some of the new stuff. The K.M.A is a fine trail that really represents the pacific N.W. Lot's of moss, moist dirt and tight singletrack through the trees. There are three sections to K.M.A and I have ridden all of them with Paul from Wa. but every time I try to link them together I get messed up. Today was no exception. Things were going great with no wrong turns and then we lost the trail on a dbl track. I think if it was Dave and I we would have looked longer but the kid's were really tired so we hiked back up to where we could get out and headed down the lower section where I was familiar. O well, next time.

 Every ride day has a few highlights. Today's were: seeing a truck load of freshly slaughtered pigs in the back of a pick up on the freeway and Daver doing a cool log ride 3 times in a row and Dave breaking his chain and fixing it in record time.

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