Sunday, October 15, 2006

Riding with Son #2 AKA-Shawn Casidy

Today i took my Son Louis(He's 10) on a really fun ride. He love's to ride but i don't take him nearly enough. He has an Iron Horse w/ 24" wheels. Almost tall enough for 26 but not quite. Some of the trails i have taken him on were pretty tame. If you went of the trail a bit you just were in the brush. No big. So i was a litle nervous as this trail has steep long falls if you went off the edge. It Starts off with about a mile down hill. He was yelling "this is great" "I'm not tired" and other funny things. He did great and i was proud. He rode through all the rock sections,on was even up hill. Just wait 'till he's on a 26". 13 mile and he was wasted but had a great time. He even (unknowingly) Said what just about every body i have ridden with say when there spent after a ride. "This is the BEST Cliff bar I've ever had"


j_wiens said...

Bah! Skip the 26" wheels and put him on the real 'big boy' wheels. And get that boy a haircut!! :)

StageWest said...

A great Legacy Hack! Way to go.