Monday, June 02, 2008

Sleepless in Spokane

The Beacon Blast Off was the first Down Hill race i ever participated in. The Red Raja and i went in 04 and we were so stoked. I've been trying to get back there for a while but this year i made it. It was Maing, Irish Rob, SSdomination, T-mac and I, and we were ready to ride. We arrived at like 2 am Sat morning , so not much sleep before Main and i loaded every ones bikes to go to practice. We walked the course and checked out some lines and realized it was getting HOT. Practice went good. I had a small crash, but mostly i was dieing pushing my bike to the top.After practice we headed for the room and mexican food and then the rain,wind and thunder started. What a change. Mexi food was good even if the waiter was rude. After that it was Toby Maguire frozen then at last SLEEP. Up at 7 or 7:10 and to the hill. Conditions we're much better than Sat. The rain was on our side. Raining on my first run and it went ok. I knew i didn't push it since i didn't puke. 1 hour break between 1st and 2nd runs so i watched Maing and SS domination on a jump. BIG! 2nd run was better for me. Cut 7 seconds off my time which was good. I could have done better on some sections but oh well. Long drive and to bed at midnight, Up at 6 for another day. Man ...i wish it was Friday .

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