Saturday, June 28, 2008

Riding in the heat

Not a big deal for some. I know that Pac man loves to ride in the hot weather but i'm from Oregon and i like it cooler. Mid 90's today in Hood River and it sucked the enrgy right out of you. I took Louis (our 12 y/o) for his first time at Post and he was kinda nervous on the way. We hooked you with Chip which is always a good time then we met up with Don Coyote,Todd( who got 2nd place at the beacon race in Spokane) and Daver. On the first run we took that single track that bypass's two chair and it was dusty. Louis was trying to keep up with the big boys and crashed like 4 times that i saw. He was following Chip so close that the dust was about a foot high and you couldn't see the trail. Boom! e clips a stump,Wham! he hit's a big rock..and so on.He got up fast though. Gotta keep up with Chip. When we got to 8 track he was getting worked. On 8 track he crashed through a berm and flipped OTB. I was starting to get nervous. He made it to the bottom ok and we even saw Maing and the little Woman on the way down. Second run we lost Chip but gained J.R. his son and Robholio. Same deal but even HOTTER. Louis opted to stay behind and guard Davers truck. Good idea i think. The 2nd run was hard for me. the heat i think and lack of food and water. Little things like that. Don Coyote hit a few cool things and mostly we sweated. When we got to the bottom i was spent and ready to go to sleep. Another great ride

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