Monday, June 30, 2008

Kid's and Bikes

I always try to get the kid's out on rides. Dirt or street. We've been doing some 26 mile around town ride lately so that has been cool. Solomon is a bit to young to ride that far , so last night we did a short around town ride. Way short. We cruised over to a local school to have a drag race. We had a lot of tire sizes represented. 29", 26", 24", and two 20" 'ers. I won but in the commotion we we're all turning around and Louis cut off Otto and he had a big crash.He rolled well but lost some skin on his elbow and shoulder and sprained his wrist. He ad to ride home with one hand, so he crashed into a tree just to make it even more memorable.

All and all...i think he would rather crash in the dirt.


Robholio said...

You realize they are going to start throwing backflips in the next few years purely just to spite you, right?

I need to update my biking blog more. I always enjoy reading yours...

Hack said...

thanks man