Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Sovereign Trail

We did the Sovereign trail on Tuesday. Craig P. had arrived with a buddy from Boise. So we had those 2 , Pac man, Jeremy, Keith D, Daniel, Mike G, Jim, Rollo, Dave Cael ,Dave from Boise and me. Riding single track in Moab is a rare thing so I was glad to ride this trail. It was a climbing and decending type of trail. Cool rock sections and some slick rock thrown in here and there. We had fun going through the rocky sections fast. Dave Cael got a flat on a rocky decent and crashed. He was ok. I got some good video of the guys getting up on some big ledges. Good ride.

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StageWest said...

We enjoyed riding Sovereign at G2. There are some challenges here and there, but it's all rideable, and a ride that everyone can enjoy. We found some additional "secret" singletrack beyone the slickrock playground. Not sure how far it went though.