Saturday, April 14, 2007

Holy Cross , Grand Junction and Rabbit valley

I finally got to ride the Holy Cross trail. It was everything I expected. Ton’s of cool rock moves and just a great trail. I rode my enduro so I would have a Little advantage. I’ve been riding my SS for the last10 rides or so. It was weird riding the enduro. My rear brake need’s to be bled. For like a month. Of course right when I got on Holy cross it started acting up. Pulling almost to the grips. That made it all the more interesting. And the fact that the wind was blowing so hard. When I descended Kurt s lane ,or whatever it was called , the wind was blowing me all over the place , and the trail was steep. Fun stuff. Today I rode most of the Western Rim here In Rabbit valley. I wanted to get some helmet cam footage but of course I screwed that up. Went on a ride with Henry after I got back and had a good time. He’s getting better. Coming off the trail he washed out in the road and went down hard. Not hurt but he was pretty proud of him self. Then we headed to Moab.

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Wade said...

Nice Footage! Looks Like a lot of fun, I live in Parachute and ride in Loma (Mary's Loop,Horsetheif Etc. and 18 rd. in fruita) But I have not seen this trail Is it at the Rabbit valley Exit Past Mack?