Monday, April 30, 2007

More Moab and stuff

It was hard to keep this up last week between riding way too much and our whole family being sick, so here's a mega update:

Thursday we went to Fruita, Co. Kinda a gong show. Too many people. We met up at the 18 road trails and started riding Prime cut up. We got way spread out and lost some people. Keith D and his soon got lost and didn’t even get to ride Zippety. Casey and I rode Kessel run like 3 times really fast. I love that trail. I hooked up with the Simi Valley guys and got shuttled up for one more kessel run. The ride up in the truck was crazy. I was almost falling out. After that we hit Subway for lunch, then off to Mary’s loop and Horse thief bench. The group was a lot smaller so it was good. It was the Simi guy’s, Rollo, C.P. and Justin, Casey, and few others. Keith P. was stoked with the view and was taking a lot of pictures. When we got to the Horse thief bench entrance I was feeling really calm. I’ve been trying to ride this the last two years so I figured I’d do whatever I had to . Rollo went first and almost made it. Really close but crashed. I went next but when I got way into it some guy was walking down and I had to stop. Arrgh! My next run was perfect. I got to the steep roll down and nailed it no problem. I couldn’t believe it. I kept rolling through the big rock’s and made it. Everyone was yelling and it was great. No one else made it. C.P. and Rollo came really close. In fact Craig was riding really well all week. Really progressing. I sure like riding with him. On the trail we we’re flying. We set a pace for about half the trail that was hard to keep up. I was really smoked We ended the ride as the sun was starting to go down. Great day so Todd and I figured we’d hit the brewery in Fruita for burger.
Fri was P. rim. We had 30 people that went up on the shuttle and a few car’s that followed. It was cold up top. Ice on some of the puddles. The ride was cool on the rim and then we got to the Hang Nail. It’s a big notch in the rock that’s really steep. Once again I had tried to ride this last year but failed. This year a kid from Seattle tried and went over the bars. Rollo tried and didn’t make it. C.P. tried but no go. So it was my turn and I nailed it perfect. Second day in a row. I was feeling really good. The rest of the ride went well . Casey crashed off the loading dock drop but Keith P caught it with his camera. Another great day and no crashing for me.
Sat most everyone was leaving so Jim wanted to do P. Rim since his buddy Hondo didn’t arrive in time on Fri. So Casey, Jim Noah, Hondo and I headed back up to do Porc rim. Again. When we got to the top it was snowing. Great. It had rained a bit the night before so I was hoping that there wouldn’t be any mud. Well…there was mud…but it was more like wet cement and my bike may never be the same. We struggled through the snow and mud and then Noah hit a tree with his face. He got a cut from where his glasses hit his face but he was ok. I skipped the Hang nail today since it was snowing and muddy. No view today, just clouds on the rim. Down lower it got warmer and we started having more fun. On the last singletrack I went over the bars about six feet from the big cliff. I really didn’t like that. Then to top it off I got a flat. The first in 2 years. So I walked the rest of the way. Fun but hard day.
We we’re all really sick for a few days so I didn’t ride until the following Wed. Terry arrived in town on Mon but I was throwing up so riding was out.
I did the P. Rim trail again with Terry on Wed. I was still really tired so it was a little slow. A fun ride ‘cause I got to ride it with Terry but I was riding not so good.
Thursday we went to Fruita and rode Mary’s loop and Horse Thief bench. Terry and Debbie really enjoyed it and so did I. I tried to re-live my great ride the week before on the Horse Thief Bench entrance but ate it hard. It’s good to land on your face once in a while. Keep’s you humble. O well…maybe next time. After that we headed to Grand Junction and rode Holy Cross and Kurt’s lane. Fun to ride that stuff with Terry. Pretty good day but I’m ready to get out of moab.

P.S. The pictures above that are really good we're taken by Keith P. from So Cal


bombing4x said...

Man I had a kickbutt time riding with you in Moab and Fruita. I like the "everybody needs a little faceplant now and then" comment! Hope you didn't biff it too hard.

Enjoy your stay in Moab dood! Keep in touch and GREAT BLOGGING!

StageWest said...

I tried that drop in from Mary's to Horsethief on my cross country bike once. That last picture was about the same position I ended up in!

Way to go though on cleaning that, and that section on P-rim. That's good riding! I'll have to hook you up with some DH'ers/techno junkies when you're passing through, cause I'm an XC distance freak now that I'm an old geezer. I like my pain and suffering self inflicted rather than inflicted by the rocks!

Keep up the good posting!