Saturday, April 14, 2007

In Moab

Been in Moab for a couple of days now. Our camp ground is kinda sketchy but it works. I can shave my head right out side the trailer on the ground. Took Otto( just turned 9) on the practice loop at the Slickrock trail today and he did AWESOME. People we're cheering him on the climbs. A few girls rode by and said he was awesome. No irls ever say that to me. Hmmmm. Maybe it's my haircut. More riding coming but that was it for today. C.P., Jeep, Rollo Dave and Pac man will be here soon and then blood will flow.


pedalpimp said...

Hey greg, looks like the trip is going well, thanks for the blog and the pics. It is really helping me keep going, between work and school and family there is no time for riding. I rode for an hour, in my garage tonight and that is the most riding I've done for months. Keep the pics coming and keep everyone safe.

bombing4x said...

Man what a great trip! Thanks for the good times and it was fantastic to finally meet the Hack Family. You guys rock. And, my hat's off to you for conquering Horsethief Bench entrance, the Hangnail, and for pretty much tearing everything else up too.