Monday, April 09, 2007

Rabbit Valley -at another camping stop

April 7
Still in Rabbit Valley. Some good trails to be found here. Yesterday I rode a 10 mile loop in the morning and a sweet 20 mile loop in the afternoon. The long one was called “ The Western Rim”. Lot’s of cool edge of the canyon stuff, and even on an old stage coach road. I was smoked after that. The SS is treating me well. ( Thank ’s Mike!) It’s a Moto area also so the trails are'nt buff and it’s noisy. This afternoon we’re headed to Fruita to stay at the state park on the Colorado river. Fruita is a cool town..

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StageWest said...

There's a lot of great singlespeeding to be had in Fruita...............sorry we're going to be missing out this year, but those Grand Canyon permits don't come around every day ya know.