Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Amassa Back

On Wed it was so windy. We thought some of the guys tents we’re going to blow away. We rode Amassa with the same group I think. (Except for Mike and Jim who went and rode the 5 miles of hell) I crashed off a little ledge and got kind of mad so I was in a bad mood. On the way back down the wind was getting really bad so I was standing with my back to it so the sand wouldn’t get in my eyes. All of a sudden a big gust blew me bike off the ground and almost out of my hands. I grabbed it and got down low and then it blew even harder. Crazy. Not the best ride .

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Joel said...

Even a 'not so good ride' in Moab is better than most 'good' rides anywhere else... Glad to hear you guys are staying safe and from what I can tell, are having a pretty good time on your road trip. Trails have opened in MN so we're ready for you if you decide to make it up this far!!