Saturday, May 10, 2008

Local trails

Did a short ride this morning with Dave and Otto and Louis. Just the local trails(which are becoming WAY too crowded) Short drive, short ride. Rib's are feeling ok. I love riding with the kid's, they really make me laugh when they get tired or when they almost crash. On a really steep , straight section Louis was all over the place trying to not hit a tree . Then i came down and i yelled up to Otto " Walk your bike". He has v-brakes on the Little Specialized and i was worried he would start skidding and lose it. Dave started to ride around since there's no underbrush , so i yelled to Otto to follow Dave for the safe way down. Then Dave crashed. " Hey Otto, don't follow Dave". Otto rode a little ladder over some fallen trees. That was cool to see. It's only a couple of feet off the ground but he's a little kid. I'm still on the Bianchi SS hardtail. It's been so long that I've forgotten what gears are like. At least for XC riding. My Downhill bike has gears. Looking forward to getting my Enduro built up again and doing some Looong epic rides this summer.

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Rollo said...

nice work Otto-matic