Saturday, May 17, 2008

Falls City and Bugs

Today i took Louis (12) and Otto (10) to Fall City for the first time. And it couldn't have been hotter. Record eat for May in Oregon, 90's or something. Anyway..the bugs we're out BIG time and reminded me why i mostly ride there in the winter. It was hard to talk without breathing them in. SO this was my first ride on the Gran Mal since i hurt my rib's about 4 weeks ago. Maing,Chip and Noah went as well. Maing is on the Rib program as well, so he was taking it easy. We kept it pretty mellow but it was really good for me. no pain really, and the bike seemed to be working well Otto and Louis had fun but the heat was getting to them. We rode the new and improved sictor gnar and it was really fun. It was cool seeing Otto riding over logs on his little hardtail with the 24" wheels. Louis and Otto had some fun on the teeter totter in Basic training. I saw Maing sneeze and then double over in pain. I guess he's still healing. He was getting a kick out of Otto and Louis going over the teeter totter at the same time. pretty funny. Of course we ended up at paddingtons for pizza but you probably guessed that didn't you.

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