Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to Post Canyon after a long winter

When you ride a lot your bound to get injured or witness an injury. Today started out with sun and blue sky and Rubberdown and i ripping down the upper Post Canyon trails. It ended with blood. We headed down and met up with Flying J , Whiplash, Don Coyote and Josh at two chairs. A quick stop and then down. Fun stuff. Good to ride the trails again. Got to Drop out and was stoked on the changes. What was 3 drops was now even better with a couple of step ups thrown in. Flying J and i took a new single track. Fun. Back to two chair and down. We got to XchorusX and i was watching the real riders hit the big lines. Whiplash hit the first line on the left and wanted the 2nd also. He said " Don't film me" so i did of course. Big crash! Over rotated and hit hard. His glasses cut him good on the forehead but it didn't stop him from riding the rest of the way down. Rubberdown hit a tree and jacked up his leg and i bailed from a ladder and twisted my ankle. that's how it goes sometimes. ended up wit pizza at Cascade Locks.
Check the vid of whiplash's crash. Pardon the rough language but it was a tense moment.

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Sk8god43 said...

That crash gave me a flashback........