Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One more ride with the Simi guys. And pump track too.

March 17 Day 15

Keith picked me up at 7:30 this morning and we headed for the coast. Really foggy all the way there. The trail was called Sycamore Canyon I think. Really great view ’s of the ocean Keith was saying but all I saw was FOG. We met up with Gene again an another guy Steve. Steve had Cannondale like Jamie. Really old. We dropped in the singletrack and ended up on a paved path which we raced down to more singletrack. Great stuff. The climb’s were getting me but not as bad as the day before. I think the fog reminded me of home. The dh sections were super fun. Lot’s of rocks, switchbacks and cool turns. I’m not sure I’ve ever ridden in such thick fog. It was a fun and hard ride. Later in the day Keith and his wife Kristy had us over for dinner. Wow . What a kind gesture. Especially since we have 5 kid’s. The boy’s eat a lot and they don’t stop. Keith had Foosball and the pump track so that was a lot of fun. Gene’s wife and kid’s were there also but Gene was called into work . Too bad. What great people.

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bombing4x said...

Simi reprezentin'! Glad you had a great time with Pythons and the boys. Sycamore cyn has some great trails and Simi's are pretty nice too. Except KP didn't take you to the bighit spot obviously...shameful.