Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 16 - Day 14

Rolled into Simi Valley about 10 am more or less. It was a great drive from Ojai. Very scenic. Keith P. called about then and said he’d pick me up at 1:00 for the ride. He did and it was good to see him again. We drove to some trail head and met his buddy Gene. I remember him from Moab. Last year he showed me how to use one of the features on my camera. Fun ride. Some dbl track and some singletrack . The descents were really good. Loose, sandy ,rocky and rutted. I stayed upright so it was good. After one decent we ended up on some nationhood road. I was thinking “ We must be close” then we road awhile and climbed up past some big homes and Keith stopped and sat down under a tree. We got out our snacks and kicked back. I thought for a second that “ Maybe Keith or Gene live right around here and we’ll drive back to the trail head. My mind is weird when I’m tired. Then I looked up and we were sitting across from a trail entrance. O well…back to reality. More climbing and a couple of cool decent‘s. A fun ride to be sure. Keith and Gene are great riders and did'nt hassle me when I had to push up some of the steep climbs.

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