Monday, March 05, 2007

It's good to be beaten down.

It's day 3 and we're in Sacramento, Ca. Elk Grove to be exact. Today i got beat down by riding with MTB John out of San Ramon. We rode these trails in Fairfield called Rockville Hills. (i think) I was on my SS, thinking that if i ride it more often than not i can get my fitness up to where it was last Summer. I thought i was gonna puke. I'm running a 32x20 so i figured that would be better than the 32x16 i had been running. I was right.These trails were so fun! Skinny single track, with tons of embedded rocks. This one section called "the rock garden" was a real challenge. John climbed it really smooth. We got some cool video coming back down. I was rolling the SS down some sketchy lines and thought i was done for. The Single Track was fast and fun. Rolling,Rolling,Rolling. No Hikers,Horses or Hikers. John's a great rider and it was a fun ride. Thanks for the trail tour man.

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StageWest said...

A great SStart to your road trip!

Look forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures.