Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fallbrook, Ca Day 18

Rode today with Doug (pac man) on his local trails in Fallbrook. Fun stuff. Some really tech rock sections, and lot’s o’ climbing. I rode the Bianchi and had a loose headset by the end of the ride. It was a challenge riding the SS on the rock sections. It’s hard to keep the momentum. I made a few of the climbs but Doug has turned into a climbing fool.I guess it’s the spin classes. He was riding the rock sections smooth too. It was cool and breezy so once again it felt like home. Without the trees. Great ride and it was good to ride with Doug again.

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PacMan said...

That ride was so awesome!! It was a pleasure showing you 'round my hood. You really represented on that SS too. One of these days bro, one of these days I'll join you and we can throw a SS pride parade.

Who is that handsome guy with you in that second pic??