Saturday, August 30, 2008

Browns camp night ride

It was time for Jamie's yearly XC ride and once again it was Browns camp. We figured we'd start late and make it a kind of night ride too. We had Fat Larry,April,Crazy legs (out of retirement) and myself. Started off with the 1/2 mile switch back climb which seems harder than it should be, and then to the flowing singletrack. I was riding the Bianchi SS, Jamie was on the 100 y/o cannondale, April was on her cool Turner 5 spot and Larry was sporting the Sinister free ride Hard tail, standing up all the way. Larry kind of bummed me out , as i was expecting a lot of coughing and maybe some throwing up. Nope. He was mashing the pedals all night. I'm not to sure about that guy, seems to be some sort of all around mountain biker or something. Up and the picture spot we ran into Whiplash and the Don. They showed up a little after we left and were getting on it to catch up. Now we're having fun as the group grows.When it got dark we saw some bat's and it started sprinkling and cooling down a bit. Trail was in good shape with a few wet spots that are typical in Oregon any time of year. Super fun ride. We're going to start weekly night rides so I'm excited about that. It was Larry and April's first time riding at Browns camp and i think they liked it. I sure did.


bombing4x said...

That was a straight laugher, good humor stuff.

Favorite line:

"Next time, we'll bring our own vomit."
"Yeah, a Camelbak full of vomit."

Dale said...


Apple family moved back to Scappoose. If your ever looking for someone to ride with give me a call, 503-382-9081.

fingalingdan said...

chances of vomit 100%!!! i guess 200% twice is so nice!

April said...

That was fun. When are we going to do it again?