Saturday, September 06, 2008

Scappoose night ride

We thought we'd ride some trails closer into town this week so we hit up the Scappoose trails. We had Fat Larry, April, The Causey's (it was Debbies first night ride) and myself. Jamie missed out because his work went longer than planned. He has a job that require's him to work now so it gets in the way of his riding sometimes. The ride was great, though we should have started later so the whole ride could have been in the dark. Debbie seemed really enjoy the whole riding in the dark thing. April realized that a pre-ride meal of Dorritos and Hummus is not a good idea. Larry stood up the whole time and ...well....he just kept going. Terry was going crazy leading us through the maze , which is Scappoose. And Me? Mashing on the singlespeed and laughing all the way.

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lelebebbel said...

I'm gonna buy me some lights and start riding with you folks again. Which ones should I get?