Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Whistler trip in the History books

Fat Larry and skinny April planned and headed up this trip and Flying J, S-huit and I tagged along. We took off on Fri morn a little later than we planned but we stayed up and watched Drop in so you can only do so much. Drop in takes precedent over sleep. About an hour later i realized i left my bag of food Marla made me in Larry's garage. Great. Now i have to eat Canadian top ramen or whatever they call it up there. Met up with a friend of Larry and April's in Seattle who thought my name was shameel or shamozzle for some reason. He was nice guy and a great driver. We had a good time on the drive heckleing April by messing with her MP3 player. Jamie had it in his hands and was moving the plug and she thought it was the plug going into the radio, and she kept messing with it but it was us. Too funny. About 15 miles from the border we we're talking about identification and stuff. April was saying how she was going to renew her passport after this trip since it expires at the end of Aug or so she thought. When she got it out she saw that it expired on Aug 3rd. Oops!! Jamie and i started talking about how we we're going to be riding in Northern Washington since there was no way we would make it across. (since the border is so secure) She was freaking out and Jamie wasn't helping. While we we're waiting in our line a few cars a few cars from the front a lady rear ended the car in front of her. A diversion!! The guy got out and was yelling and when the Mounties we're checking him over and his car ,we started thinking maybe they would let us go in the commotion. April played cool and answered the questions and then the guy asked if we say the accident and she told him what she saw. She offered him our documents and he said Nah and waved us through. Too funny. I guess Jamie and i could have brought our Glocks after all. Now we we're excited to get there and ride, Weather was nice and traffic was ok. Stopped in Squamish for food and hit Whistler about ..i forget. Hooked back up with Shawn who was riding with the Seattle race car driver, got all our stuff minus my food into the cool house we had and started drop in again. O and played cards. I'm good at cards. Don Coyote and Stephyao showed up later. There like almost Whistler locals. The Don transforms in Canada into a crazy rider. Up early to head to the lift's so we can ride until we drop. About a 5 or 10 min pedal to the lift line and Jamie and turn around and no Fat Larry or April. Wait 10 more min then we figure we'll see them in line. Turns out Larry's wheel seized up and he had to go back for another. He bring's extra wheels everywhere because..well...He's Fat Larry and he needs a LOT of wheels. First run down was Crank it up which is a cool warm up trail with small jumps and some cool wall rides. After that its a blur of riding and riding. Larry tore off his derailleur about 10 feet into Scheyler and i got a flat on Dirt merchant. Highlight's for me we're No Duff,Crabapple hits and Scheyler, Ninja cougar, Karate Monkey and not crashing. Eventually I ran into The mighty Red Raja, Robholio and a guy I'd never met Jaeel.( i think) Did a few runs with them and found Larry and April again. Upper mountain was good except a lot of trail was gone. Rode part of Freight train, that was cool. I was sitting at the bottom looking at the lift line ,eating a sandwich that April made me(thanks) and i heard a siren. To my left i saw an ambulance heading up the hill. Too bad. 2 hours later i found it was Crazy Jake, one of our riding buddies that we hadn't run into yet. Not good. He got a real bad concussion and a bruise the size of your average wall-mart shopper. StephYaow rolled a really cool line that was near vertical and she was a little excited.

After riding..more goofing off, and more of Jamie and I singing Bernie songs. We seem to have a talent for that.Up late and up early to head home. Didn't ride 'cause you couldn't even see the mountain through the clouds and rain. Stopped at Shannon Falls in Squamish. Really cool. Off to the border to see if April can go home. We waited an hour or so at the border and hit the duty free shop so we could cut in line farther up and saw Jake. Bruised, battered and repeating himself but other than that he was ok. SO we prepared for a long wait when April was denied entry. Larry handed him the passports and he scanned them all and sent us on our was. Great border security eh? Ton's of traffic and home late. Another great trip .


Robholio said...

Sick trip, guys. I'm going back up within a month. I'm addicted now!!

bombing4x said...

Sounds like it was a great trip even without the Glocks.