Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Port Angeles Shuttle day (AKA-Road trip #1)

A few years back i heard about some races at "Dry Hill" in Port Angeles, Wa. Sounded like a cool area but i never made it up there. I heard about the shuttle day's they had on forum's like ride monkey and mtbr.So a month or so ago i heard they we're having a spring fling thing and the first thing i thought was i had to get some of the freaks and go. So i got Maing,Whiplash, Rubberdown,Josh, Darren from Van and we headed up. The Raja and his band of thieves wanted to head up the night before so they could make a big entrance but we left EARLY sun morning. I went to bed too late ( as i was getting up at 3:45 and it was daylight savings) so when Irish Rob text messaged me at 12:30 AM and woke me up half way into my 4 hours of sleep i was not too stoked. Rubberdown said he would be at my place at 3:45, so at 4 i was thinking i should call him. I did. He's like " I'm just leaving man" I'm thinking .....ok....and he says " Mind if i get a cup of coffee on the way?" I was like How about on the way. So he shows up, and then a cop pulls in. After he charmed the officer away we loaded up and headed for Josh's. He was waiting a while but was still awake. While heading for Whiplash's house, Rubberdown figured out it was time to set the clocks ahead. He was bummed, and offered to buy coffee for all of us. but not at starbucks. So when we got on the road i was telling rubberdown how Irish rob woke me up with his text message, and i said " a few years back and i would have called there hotel for a 6 am wake up". He said " How about me". So he called the Red Lion and got the Raja's # and gave them a wake up call. SO... we had a good 4.sompin hour drive and got to the trails. Lot's of people there. When we we're driving through Port Angeles i was thinking "i hope this trip was a good idea" but after we registered,payed and did our first run i knew it was worth the long drive. The trucks were moving fast. One driver must have been having a fun time as he was rocking the truck really good. I was having trouble standing one trip up. Anyway...the trails were great. Rooty,rocky, and plenty of steep sections. Wet but not muddy. A few jumps, steep roll downs etc... The Pro course was nutty. I got stuck on one off camber rock slab but other than that i was good. The other trails i rode had plenty of cool tech sections. I did 9 or 10 runs with no crashes. I guess i wasn't riding hard enough. Whiplash broke off half of his visor, and bounced off a tree or two on the pro course. ( lot of visor problems lately) Irish Rob had some sort of crazy dismount, but was ok. Josh crashed once i think. We did about 5 Weeks of riding compared to what we do at Falls City. We ended up getting home around midnight. Typical. Up at 7 to go to work and try to stay awake all day. The video i took was sub par..but those things happen i guess. Thanks to the O.D.S. for the hard work on those trails and for having a great shuttle day, and thanks to the Westside Freeride guys who made a 21 hour day seem like no big deal. Looking forward to road trip #2


bombing4x said...

Great write-up, as usual. I think you're right - you could probably do $1Million in rubber visors just in pdx alone...let's start the business.

Anonymous said...

good times bro, good times. Road Trip 2 over the border maybe?