Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black Rock Fund Raiser day

The Black Rock Mountain Bike Association( Check their site ) has been building a great trail system for a few years now, and they have been doing a BIG raffles to help raise $$ for all that goes into that. We headed down in the Maing bus to ride, heckle and go to Padingtons Pizza. I'll sum it up.....Arbys is slow, People in Woodburn don't like us, the gas station was a gong show, Santiam Bikes locked the cash register when we walked in, Mtn Rider looked like a mugger, people in Falls city don't like us, no where to park and we see hardly any riders, Mtn Rider crashes, Lon Darts, Moostache, High 5's rule, packs laying in the bushes, load the stuff, get a flat on the van after driving 100 ft, unload the stuff, jack up the van, take off tire, dig a hole, put tire on, eat pizza, stand in line too long, Raffle too long, we heckle, we heckle, movie projector lame, Jamie's movie great but projector lame, drive home way too late, Mtn rider win's 2 year Sub. to unknown Magazine, Flying j has Grip, Raja cut off. I'm tired.

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PacMan said...

Nice vid. I need to follow your lead and start shooting more pics and vids when I ride.