Saturday, March 29, 2008

A battle loom's on the horizon

One week until the Fluidride Cup starts. DH and Slalom. Maing and i are doing this series and a few other DH races this season, but this first one is gonna be a battle. Should be really wet and the ten day forecast calls for rain on race day, but that could change. I'm still waiting for my rear shock to come back from being re-built so I'm not exactly ready bike wise, but I'll be fine. Going to wear my new Troy Lee helmet so i hope i don't break it the first ride. We'll see. Stay tuned for a big write up of the race weekend. O..the pic is Olivia (our 4 y/o with my new helmet)

FRCup 1
Port Angeles
April 4th - 6th
FRCup 2
Mt. Hood
May 10th - 11th
FRCup 3
Port Angeles
June 6th - 8th
FRCup 4
Mt Hood
July 12th - 13th
FRCup 5
Port Angeles
Aug 22nd - 24th
FRCup 6(Finals)
Mt Hood
Sept. 27th - 28th


PacMan said...

Cool. I'm looking forward to the pics and ride reports! I sense lot's o' coffee being consumed.

bombing4x said...

have fun

Anonymous said...

Got a race report for the first event?

Good luck with your season!