Monday, July 16, 2007

Willamette Pass DH race #2

Went back to Willamette Pass for the 2nd DH race. Conditions were worse. The trail was even more loose. Like 6 to 7 inches of sand dirt in corners and a whole lot of braking bumps. This time heading down it was The Red Raja, East coast Eric and myself. We hit the course a few times and then E.C.E. and i checked out a trail no one was riding. Wow! it was awesome. It start off with lot's of loose lava rocks then into the woods then straight down for about 500 feet. Rock garden followed by long loose dirt sections to another rock section. Crazy. We we're laughing a lot. Towards the end it opened up and we we're going so fast i started to get nervous. When we got to the bottom we grabbed a hand full of racers from our camp and said " Come with us" They loved the trail too. Well...except one guy. The race went bad for me. Crashed early on and couldn't get it back. E.C.E. got 3rd Raja got 5th and i just got dirty. Phil who races for the shop got 1st again in Semi-pro. Also got to see pro's Sven and Anka Martin race. That was awesome. Really fast even with a broken finger. Fun time though. Thanx to the Hawaiians for the great Bar-b-q on Sat night.

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bombing4x said...

Wow that looks pretty sketchy. Great job nonetheless Greg. Way to go for it. Those are some nice pics too!