Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 5th annual Glade run

5 years ago (or so) i found out about a trail on Mt Hood called the Glade. I had been looking for trails, as i was kinda new to the sport. I read online about some guys ridding the glade to Crosstown trail to Pioneer bridal trial. Then i found it in my trail books. I really wanted to ride this trail. It seemed like a good idea to ride down from the mountain. I had been riding with Terry for a while and i told him i thought we should head up to Timberline early on the 4th and ride this trail. As usual he said " ok" .It was Me, Terry and his Brother in-law. It was a great ride and i was bleeding right away. The next year it was me, Terry, Jamie and Ross. Jamie crashed down a rocky hillside that year and almost broke his leg. The next year Jon and Ryan rode and one of them broke a chain and one crashed on the upper section. Which one? i forget. Bernie rode too. Last year was crazy fun with Dave and Ryan and the usual suspects. Dave got a flat but no carnage asada. This year was looking to be a gong show with all the people that said they we're coming. It turned out great though. 30 people in the pic and 4 took off before we got there (Craig). I got dbl flats in about 100 yards, and so did Dave. Weird. That was lame but not enough to ruin the ride. Bernie helped me with the flat's and then we ripped the trail. Great day!! I even met some people new to ME ( Andy and a few others) My 9 y/o Otto rode most of the trail with Terry's wife and son. He had a fun time too.Next year should be even better. Thanks to everyone who rode.

The pic's are from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th ride's. ( the 1st wasn't digi)

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bombing4x said...

Awesome ride I bet. Flew over Mt Hood on Monday - still a lot of snow on the mtn. 2 flats? You running dh tubes? If not, why not??? :-)