Monday, July 02, 2007

Willamette Pass DH race #1

Headed east of Oakridge a couple of days ago to the DH race at Willamette pass. Bernie,Casey and i raced the sport class and had a good time. The course was really rough and had a lot of sandy dirt sections. My leg still hurt from the pounding i gave them. Phil and Brad who ride for Trailhead ( semi pro) got first and second. that was cool. Casey and Bernie rode well but i made too many mistakes and crashed a couple of times. I think i was 6th maybe. Anyway...there's nothing better than riding your bike all day and sleeping in the gravel at night.


Joel said...

nice job Gregger!

bombing4x said...

Way to go dudes. You're motivating me to perhaps try this racing thing next summer....! Keep us up to date with your racing career.